Bullying the Elderly

I was looking through political weblogs for my project and chanced upon a post that so incensed me, I felt it was my civic duty to share with everyone around me.

Some of you may have come across this news about 3 Caucasians (Brits, if I’m not wrong) who took a trishaw ride from an old man and then evaded payment upon reaching their destination.

If you have not, here is the link to a blog that also provides a video the 3 Caucasians had the gall to film. In fact, whether you have read the news, please check out the website for the video and reader comments.


One guy actually had the heart to condone the behaviour of the 3 men, concurring that $15 was an unreasonable price to pay for a trishaw ride and basically speaking in defense of the 3 perpetrators. Nothing can justify what they did. Their actions were not only dishonest but a trespass on the rights and dignity of another human being. I do not deny that other forms of transportation could have gotten them to their destination without amounting to $15 but they were not forced to take a trishaw. They chose to take a trishaw out of their own free will and had also agreed to the price before the old man took them on board. And may I also add that this is a tourist attraction so they are paying for the gimmick as well.

What really made me blow my top was their insolence in making fun of and laughing at the old trishaw rider, who was already panting in exhaustion from his exertion on the wheels. Have they no heart? I am thoroughly disappointed in the fact that there are people out there who cannot even spare compassion for the elderly.

The comment, I quote, “as a Singaporean, my attention on this piece of news is, why does a trishaw ride cost S$15?”, posted by the previously mentioned reader left me wondering if he has really seen the crux of the matter. Does he have the maturity and sense to recognize that it is the behaviour of the men he should be concerned with?


6 responses to “Bullying the Elderly

  1. whatever happened to respecting the dignity of another human being? it’s repugnant. i hope karma catches up with them.

  2. The Oriental Express

    $15/- is not overcharging! Putting 3 burly fellows is overloading! If they had any compassion, they would take two trishaws instead of one!

    As I had mentioned in my article, “Good Humour versus Bullying”, my kind Canadian classmate even thought 25 years ago that it was inhuman to use leg power when motors are in existence!

    By God’s grace, nothing of this happened. The old man could have a heart attack or the trishaw could have overturned!

  3. isn’t that very singaporean. We measure everything in terms of money :) congestion pay money. GST to help the poor. annuities to help the old old. All about money. How can we not produce money minded singaporeans when all we consider is money. Forgive him, it is our nation’s conditioning. Compassion is leaching from our society and money is king. Unless our policies began to show more compassion I am afraid the future singaporeans are even more money minded.

  4. The point is the $15 charges were agreed upon before the 3 guys boarded. If they didn’t like his service, they should pay the lower fee which they suggested when they alighted and not lie that they were robbed and then leave without paying.

  5. What is with the $15 debate? The real problem has nothing to do with the price or the fact that they agreed to pay $15 earlier; the problem was how they treated the elderly man.

  6. what these bullying fuckers need is a good group of the gabrielites i grew up with who have brought many a fist to the bloodied nose of caucasian bullies in bars and other night entertainment joints.

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