My Take on Politics

My uncle’s friend once commented: “I don’t care if the opposition is blind, crippled or stupid; I’ll still vote for them.”

To some, this may sound impertinent but even at the risk of seeming naive, I am not afraid to declare that I share the same sentiments. No personal grudges against our current governing party, I am just unwilling to risk possible bigotry should the day come when Singaporeans show unanimous patronage to one political party. I am relieved, though, judging from my own interactions with the people around me and the local political climate, that such a day has almost zero chances of actualizing.

My mom assumes a very compassionate stance when it comes to elections. Her main concern is for the opposition to not lose the deposit they pledged in order to run. Of course, she also has her personal agenda, that is, fear that opposition parties will no longer dare to step forward after repeated defeats. That is probably where I derived my preoccupation with the bigotry. Although if you ask me, I would prefer to say that I came to that conclusion through my own logical deliberation. But such was my more dominant ‘political conditioning’.

My dad, on the other hand, demonstrates steadfast loyalty to the PAP, having seen how they had a hand in moulding Singapore into what she is today. I cannot deny that despite all the prevailing issues we face, Singapore’s progress against all odds is a testimony to the competence of the PAP. However, come elections period, debates with him are inevitable and almost customary.

To be honest, I am not particularly fascinated with politics anyway. Ask me what my political views are and I will tell you ‘apathetic’, just like what my Facebook profile shows.

The author hopes she had been politically correct and sensitive because she still badly needs her degree.


2 responses to “My Take on Politics

  1. Your mum is a wise, observant woman. In fact if you notice there is very high turnover of opposition candidates because many of them simply give up on Singaporeans who doesn’t care that PAP is too powerful.

    But of course your dad is right also. PAP has done a good job, we cannot deny this.

  2. why apathetic when we can be more involved in our local politics? after all it involves ourseleves doesnt it? heh!

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