One year closer to Armageddon

Seeing as today is the last day of 2007, it calls for some attention. A final blog post of the year. I am having nothing to say because ashamedly, I haven’t been reading (other than Pride and Prejudice). And all that drinking has addled my brain and probably my ability to construct a proper, grammatically correct sentence of more than..22 words. I did not just accomplish that because the previous sentence consisted of 2 ‘and’s. See, I am rambling.

I do know that Bhutto was recently assassinated and that her husband and son were appointed to take over.

That’s about it.

Oh. I do have something to whine about. Why the hell is HDB building more blocks in front of my house to block my view?! The value of my flat will most surely drop at the first hint of construction. Only think of the horror of the noise, the dust and the everything. And the selling point of this flat in the first place was the good view! That is why my parents had to pay so much to HDB. That’s disgusting. I saw the aerial picture of the area and the residences are already so dense! Are we really so in want of accommodation? But there are already so many private residences springing up. I saw the tender information and it is so limited. Okay, maybe I didn’t understand half of it, all the topography stuff. But why aren’t they providing information for homeowners? I am peeved with that. We have the right to know what they are doing with our housing area and the quality of it. Now, I think I am having to call the surveyor since they are only providing information for the private developers.


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