take time to see

Ever watched the news and wondered about the people who brought it to you?

What you see on television, live or otherwise, appears seamless. But really, it is one of those work that, if done perfectly, no one notices or gives credit. One blunder, though, and you get screwed upside down.

Come to think of it, most work are taken for granted. Are we really so caught up with ourselves that we can’t stop to appreciate how other people make our lives just that little smoother and easier?


2 responses to “take time to see

  1. oh oh, typo. It should be works not work. :) anyway, your blog is not as interesting as it was… haha. :p

  2. i corrected your grammar once too k! don’t gloat haha. and i’ve had enough trauma for the day thank you very much. but i do know i’m losing my touch arg!

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