Valerie’s Thanksgiving

Today is Valerie’s Thanksgiving Day.

I am hereby thanking every important person in my life. I may pretend I can’t be bothered with you, I may give you a hard time, I may not look like I give a fuck about the things you do for me, but if you vanish from my life, I would be devastated. Important people, you know who you are*. Thank you for being in my life, thank you for everything you are and could possibly be, and for all the selfless deeds. I need you and I care for you and I care what you think of me.

To all you important people who keep my sanity when I torture myself with morbid states of emo-ness, thank you. I love you.

*On second thoughts, you may not actually know who you are, but I, at least, know who you are and so if at least one person in the equation knows, technically, it is acceptable to claim efficacy.


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