a bit of pre-conclusive depression.

So I was the last victim of the seniors’ ponding spree and it happened right after I walked out from my bath!! But it’s okay, I kicked their balls, literally, and clawed them (their arms, not their balls).

I’m supposed to write a piece that best expresses myself but I am so stuck. But check this out, my brainchild:

1. We get your mind off safety, and on pleasure.

2. For your pleasure, we take care of the safety aspect.

Ad slogans. Guess what product? Actually it’s a no-brainer.

I’m actually a bit depressed thinking about my future (not only career wise). Sometimes, liking (or loving) a person doesn’t make things right or help them work out. But it is so effortless to make do with the status quo. Zero risk and all. Why are you like that?

Besides the really immature lyrics, I actually rather enjoy Potential Breakup Song.


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