real music. yes?

Leona Lewis is
sexy without being trampy.
provocative without being revealing.

And her voice is great and I love her better in time mtv. It is understated, classy and reaches right to your heart. Much better than the regular pop that’s manufactured to impress but instead shocks and appalls, don’t you think?

“Even though I really loved you, I’m gonna smile cos I deserve to.”

It will all get better in time.


3 responses to “real music. yes?

  1. Is it just my computer or your post flashes on and off intermintent- (or however you spell it) ly?

  2. valeriejayne.

    haha it isn’t flashing on mine..lehia! u moved out so early….all the best for exams ya!

  3. haha all the best for yours too! :)

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