I am having a HUGE craving for cake. So, instead of reading my mass media research textbook for Friday’s exam, I am looking for cake delivery online.

Taken from http://www.tiramisutra.com

I can’t get the picture off awfullychocolate.com but it’s orgasmic. Oh yeah baby. (That sounds so not me.) There goes my mind tonight. I might as well go to sleep now and dream it (wet dream?…gosh what’s wrong with me, I haven’t even had the aphrodisiac) cos I sure as hell can’t study now.

P.S. There isn’t a title because I can’t think of one that isn’t sexually suggestive.


One response to “(ahem)

  1. see.. i made an effort to find it. which didn’t take much effort actually cuz i can rmb the web add=)

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