because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I read that people have a tendency to break up when the friends around them are. If it’s not happening to you, it probably looks hilarious right? I think, if you’re breaking up because your friends are, it’s downright stupid. Because, love plays a very important role in our lives. No material comforts can replace it.

I am going to be honest because this is my own blog. I think…I kind of miss the familiarity of being in a relationship. I’ve even gotten used to the dysfunctionality of it, all the disappointments. Even though, in true dysfunctional style, I don’t exactly share a lot of thoughts with him, sometimes I’d still be on the verge of updating him.

Somewhere down the road, I know I’ll be thanking myself. But right now, it’s emptiness I’m battling with. Much as I know he’s unsuitable, he’s become a familiar part of my life. And even the people I’ve gotten to know because of him, I feel a certain sense of duty towards them. In fact, deep down, they’re probably one of the reasons why I’ve held on.

I’ve learned a lot. Like self-preservation, cautiousness, and definitely, not diving head-first, full-body in, because getting involved is tons easier than breaking free.


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