more than man’s best friend.

I seriously think, now, that it’s wiser to invest feelings in a dog than another human. At least, after you’ve really bonded with a dog, he’ll stand by you and never disappoint you. He’ll love you with his whole being and his loyalty is unwavering. He’ll be there when you’re down; he’ll be there when you’re happy. When you talk to him, he may not know how to reply, but you’ll know he’s listening because he’s looking at you with understanding eyes (as opposed to staring at blank space with a stoned face and no reactions, ok I’m being a bit mean).

Here are the 10 promises, and they’re really touching:
1. Please live patiently with me.
2. Please believe in me. That alone makes me happy.
3. Please don’t forget that I have feelings too.
4. There is a reason when I don’t listen to you.
5. Please talk to me frequently. I may not speak human, but I can understand.
6. Please don’t hit me. Don’t forget I’m stronger if we fight.
7. Please don’t neglect me even when I get older.
8. I’ll only be around for about 10 years, so please spend more time with me.
9. You have school and friends. But I’ve only got you.
10. When I die, please stay by my side. And please remember, I’ve loved you all my life.


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