clever girls.

This is for my friend Benedict Chen who wrote:

“Nice guys finish last.
Bad boys don’t finish at all.”

This means:
Clever girls who act dumb to hoodwink guys finish first. They manage to use ALL the guys.
Which is proof that guys think with their dicks.

If the world was fair, it would be as he revised:

“Nice guys finish last.
Bad boys don’t finish at all.

Clever girls finish first.
Bad girls don’t finish at all.”

But the world isn’t.

EDIT* now I have more proof that guys only have one thing on their minds.


5 responses to “clever girls.

  1. hmmm…
    is that so…
    i wonder why…

    your deduction is abit flawed
    as it is under the assumption that
    ALL guys are ‘hoodwinked’.

    must have sets and subsets. :)

  2. valeriejayne.

    deekhead sounds so wrong!!

    ok nvm.

    oh i always have this generalizing problem. forgive me but ALL GUYS THINK WITH THEIR DICKS name me one who doesn’t. don’t think i dunno ull name urself ben!!!! hahaha. even guys agree with me on that!

  3. I don’t think with my dick!!!


  4. well of course many guys think with their dicks, its a media culture/peer pressure thing.

    “think”, however is a point of contention here. i certainly don’t think guys think about 3 dimensional differential equations or the electron transfer from 1,2 trioxydimethylamido acetate.

    if the world was fair, the best will finish tops and the worst will die before they can do more harm.

    but the world isn’t fair, so we have no finish line. go figure.

  5. valeriejayne.

    peer pressure is *always* an excuse for people to do stupid things

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