resounding gongs and clanging cymbals.

This morning, I woke up to this text:
“(…) Do you believe that you only really love once? (…)”

Haha I feel like Sophie except my food for thought doesn’t come in small white envelopes.

But isn’t that interesting? We’re always thinking about love. If there’s anything as mystifying as life, it would be love.

No, I don’t believe we only really love once. And anyway, feelings are not static. But love should be mutual (all the time or at least at some point). Love comes in different forms. It might be the flaming passion that this person ignites in you or a mellow steady kind of love that comes from years of stability. I like the second kind of love; it grows on you and it feels more sincere. The flaming passion seems like it will fizzle and die out, like a supernova. And of course, it may just be lust. But the best kind of love is a combination of both.

Actually, this is so half-hearted. I don’t want to be talking about love right now. Only people who are blooming in love and romping in the sea of passion want to talk about love. I’m bored with this. I wanna be serious and prim and career-minded. Please go away, love, and leave me alone. Knock on my door when I’m ready…someday.

I’d rather be talking about stilettoes.


One response to “resounding gongs and clanging cymbals.

  1. Wow! Career-minded eh someone, thats good. Referencing to your last entry, good guys finish last… thats where love phase of life kicks in. Enjoy while the race is still on ;)

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