we worship power and money.

I don’t have any more patience for this. Supercilious trash talking that makes shit sense.

My friend recently got accused of stealing at the place she interns. Details I will not reveal here but suffice to say, her principles and values are impeccable. Furthermore, she is so stubborn that even the most barefaced temptation cannot make her waver, so there’s no chance in hell she’ll even come close to taking something that is not hers.

But this got me thinking. And it got me in one of my shit pissed moods about this fucking corrupt world and really, I spent the whole day getting pissed at random strangers who were performing stupid ridiculous antics.

I’ll get to my point before Dean gnaws out his fingernails waiting for my drama to start.

There is no fucking justice in the world. Justice is the sort of fairytale they feed us in NE class when we were fucking children. Oh gosh remember Ah Cai the policeman or some shit? (Is that his name?) I used to love reading those. I thought those blue guys were heroes. I adored them.

Okay, but this is not a personal attack.

Just try to imagine if my friend’s parents were some top dogs in some hugeass corporation. The same discipline master who was libelously maligning her would be falling all over her whole family’s feet, kissing all the way up to their asses and obsequiously apologizing for his oversight and misjudgment. (She’s interning at some sort of institute.) By the way, he said things like ‘I know you stole it, so admit it before we call the cops and they’ll perform a lie detector test on you’ and like ‘so you study psychology…then you know all the ways to read people’s minds and words’ and ‘I see that you’re wearing a very short denim skirt’.

What. The. Fuck. That lie detector can’t sense shit right? I’d be scared to death if that thing were assessing my innocence. My mind would be all over the place, wringing itself with thoughts like ‘is my heart beating too fast’, ‘are my pores flaring’ and yada yada. I’d probably be the most guilty person alive. And please. You’re working in an institute and you don’t know what they teach at tertiary psych. Don’t walk out and tell people that. Oh, I love his last comment. If I were sitting in that room being questioned, I’d be saying in my head: “Are you thinking I’m sexy? I know, right? This skirt so says I’m a whore who won’t pay a cent for something I can take from others.” Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d be flippant enough to say it out loud in that situation.

Anyway, my point is this. If you have power and bathe in shitloads of money, you win. If you’re poor and helpless, you go to jail, bad boy!


One response to “we worship power and money.

  1. 世界是黑暗的.

    the ‘accusator’ is desperate. he has to account for the theft.
    he latches on to the idea that your friend is the culprit and doesn’t let go of that idea.

    i hope that at least some of her colleagues defended her.

    -if the ‘accusator’ is the boss or something, he makes a shitty boss. not rational, weak and, worst of all, dumb.

    our dear friend should quit knowing that her superior is some monkey boss. and walk away learning a very important lesson in life. monkey bosses suck.

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