that forgotten tingle.

Why do we sometimes care so much for a person that every single time we think he’s sad, our hearts crack? But what if we don’t feel happy either when we think he’s happy?

How can a cynic be a romantic as well? The combination is odd and fatal.

Oh! It must be the weather! I miss the heady feeling of newfound love. The quickening of your heartbeat when you hear the beep of your mobile. The soft smile that stays on your lips all day long. The bounce in your step. The boundless good humour. And the wonderful feeling that nothing bad can come your way.

When can I see the pair of eyes that will jolt my heart when we lock gaze? When can I hear the voice that will cause the colour to creep up my cheeks unsuspectingly? When can I feel the touch that will send a frisson of surprise through my being? When?

Must I forget first?


One response to “that forgotten tingle.

  1. hello emokid. smile and face the world, you know there’s nothing much you can do. Hah! don cry anymore ok. your fringe aint stupid :D Cheer up!

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