template for a man.

I’ve always had a thing for the darker side. Prince Charming on a white horse really doesn’t interest me. I’d rather hold out for the one in a suit the color of midnight atop a dark horse. The one who doesn’t smile. The one with that enigmatic look. And smoldering dark eyes.

Like Batman.

Spiderman may be cute with all his schoolboy awkwardness. Superman…isn’t in the running. Wolverine, with all his manliness, might have some issues. Cyclops is deliciously suave. But no hero steals my heart like Batman.

I love his noble impetus to protect. His struggling ambition to save the world. How he stubbornly believes in goodness even through his tribulations. I love his scars. I love how he isn’t bright and shiny anymore. How he’s beaten, but not broken. His quiet strength and formidable spirit. His disregard for what people see him as. How he is everything a man should be and so much more.

He is also, unfortunately, fictitious.


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