A few hours in hall and I wanna move out already. I just wanna live alone. Not in hall. In some new place, devoid of memories, free of suppressed emotions and longings. A place where I’m truly by myself. Where I feel placid and independent and strong. Not in hall where I’m weak and struggling but I just can’t talk about it. The words get stuck in my heart, bursting, but all that bursts out from me is laughter. The few moments of meaningless, crisp laughter and tough words when I’m around people before returning to my shell, where it’s dark and bleeding.

I’m begging for a clean slate.

4 responses to “

  1. well if you ever need me, i’m here :)

  2. dear friend,
    i am a lonely troll living alone under a bridge. :(
    would you like to join me?
    i promise to do up the place if u join me…

  3. cheer up you :)

    i’m here (:


  4. valeriejayne.

    hello june! thanks..ill get over it i hope. visit k! (: when you take time off working and decadence haha

    yes ben thank god for a friend like you around..cya later!

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