please don’t take this seriously.

What would happen if I ran for President of Sheares Hall?

I’d abolish the endless meetings. Have them online with that program we used in NM2220 Media Writing, the one where you hold down a button to speak, one person at a time. I’d keep everything in perspective. Come on, a hall is a hall. For students to live in and be exposed to all the common vices; get attached and break up; screw up their systems and get fat. And through all these, learn that when it comes down to it, your friends, the ones who were there for you when you cried, who made you laugh when you couldn’t keep things in perspective, the ones with the ready listening ears, beer and cigarettes, are all that matter. So fuck the administrative nightmares and all the unnecessary politics. The only valid reason for a long meeting should be mass inebriation.
Oh, and finally, a female president. (Notice the first line of our anthem says ‘We, sons of Sheares Hall…”. No girls? So un-PC.) Quite an entertaining idea, huh? Hilarious, in fact. If I can get down to it, I’d also throw in an election speech worthy of!

3 responses to “please don’t take this seriously.

  1. oh gosh, what got into you?
    i wanna go your halllllllll.

  2. valeriejayne.

    haha quarter life crisis gosh
    come! monday shd be fine..u can stay over too!

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