for a better world.

I have this crazy idea to be a prostitute in Amsterdam. But only in Amsterdam cos they really respect their prostitutes there. All of you are laughing right now right? But I have it that statistically speaking, being a prostitute forms a large part of the average woman’s fantasies. (The other common fantasy is getting raped.)

I own erotica about the private lives of high class call girls and some years ago, I used to be a fan of a blog written by one such call girl in London. Maybe I’ve got some of you frowning with distaste now but what is wrong about being a call girl? To them, it is a job and most of them have work ethics that will put the lot of us to shame. You think it’s just ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’? Or they just lie there, grit their teeth and be a piece of ass to barbaric men who abuse them? Ok, well, maybe sometimes, when they are forced to service barbarians due to circumstances. But they usually have the right to reject an assignment. And many of these girls are educated, articulate and imaginative. They do more than fuck horny men. They also provide interesting companionship to intelligent, lonely men in need of attention and stimulation. Sometimes, that’s all they have to provide. And these girls are actually talented. Sex is an art. Sexual fantasies require finesse to play out. Not everyone can perfect these professionally.
Prostitution balances every society. It’s integral. Think about it.
The only gripe I have about it is that it continues to undermine the status of women in society. Women subjected to the sexual whims of men. It encourages the notion of our subservience.
It’s frightening. I have all these suppressed opinions I’m expressing. Age is like a vacuum sucking all the conservatism out of me. Just a moment before I started writing (maybe the reason I started writing), I was seized by this thought that my conventional moral ideas are fast escaping my sensibilities. It’s frightening that you think you have all these clear ideas about what is right and moral and because of this, you hold the moral high ground. Sometimes, you mock people who seem to be making a muck of these things. But then, one day, you look around and suddenly you find yourself in the water as well.
But of course, I really don’t think I’m any less moral for thinking all these. I’ve only revised my moral standards. Pluralism, it’s for the better.

6 responses to “for a better world.

  1. change, is the only constant

  2. if you were a call girl, you wouldn’t have good ethics. :P

  3. valeriejayne.

    why won’t i have good ethics?!

  4. very sex positive, i like ;p

  5. valerie, are you sure you want me to answer that question on the internet?

  6. valeriejayne.

    haha june, read naughtysecretary.wordpress. i think you’ll love it.

    ben: one might argue that because of that which i will not do, i display high standards and good ethics haha

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