please answer.

Suppose some time ago, you bought a vase. It’s not particularly exquisite but there was just something about it that drew you in, unsuspectingly. So you decided there was no harm in buying it, just to see how long it would be able to intrigue you. Before long, you grew attached to it. You knew it had all these flaws, but for a long time, you were happy to have your vase.

For some reason, the vase started to become faulty. It might be the expansion due to heat or something. Cracks started appearing. It began to upset you. Then one day, it exploded to many pieces!
You fretted for a while. “Should I just discard it? There might be a better chance I’d find a more beautiful vase.”
But then, routine is a bitch. You had gotten used to having the vase around in your living room. So you decided to mend it with some damn zai glue. Of course, the imperfections were sometimes glaring and disturbing. But the vase generally continued to make you happy.
Some time later, the vase started looking uglier and uglier. Maybe the glue was not so zai after all. The vase started becoming quite an eye sore. You contemplated destroying it. But it seemed a pity, after all the effort you put in glueing it back. Until one day, by preternatural chance or unconscious design, you knocked it off its place and it broke into a million pieces. Again. This time, you swept the broken pieces up and put it away in some obscure back corner of your house. You were reminded of it from time to time. But there it stayed.
Now reader, would you discard the useless pieces forever and hope real hard that one day, you’ll find a perfect vase that will capture your heart again for a long, long time? Or would you take those pieces out and glue the vase back together again? Please, leave a comment if you happen to read this. I need an answer.

6 responses to “please answer.

  1. buy a new vase. one that can do more than just sit there and be beautiful. A portable vase that could be there for you all the time and not just hide away in your room would be nice. haha. How obvious is this… :p

  2. keep a fragment.

  3. Nicholas David Choy

    You’ve gotta ask yourself is the vase worth keeping for memeory sake. If you even have a moment’s hesistation in answering the above, buy a new vase. Hey, its a vase clearance sale out there.

  4. old vase don’t go, new vase don’t come.

  5. well, its always good to keep some memories . but its good to also think if you want to find a new one. its either the excitement of the new vase, or the recollection of the old.

  6. encryption….. fail!

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