cos it’s not his price to pay.

We all know the men get better with age. And the reverse is true with women. But why do we subscribe to this construct? What’s wrong with an aging woman? 

It’s not fair that guys get a 10-year trial period to observe and learn before hitting the prime of their lives. For girls, our prime will come and go before we even know it.
Actually, I’m not even 21. Why do I feel so old? I’m like crippling along. But then, I’m already in my 3rd year! Looking back, I can’t even see where my first 2 years went. I feel like I’ve wasted my life. And it’s such a paradox because secretly, I’m still waiting for my life to start. I’m waiting for the time of my life when I can pick up my bags and leave. Dubai, London, Paris, Venice, Berlin, Edinburgh. Anywhere my whim takes me. Drift forever and no one can catch me.
hold on, baby you’re losing it
the water’s high, you’re jumping into it
letting go, and no one knows
that you cry but you don’t tell anyone
that you might not be the golden one
and you’re tied together with a smile
but you’re coming undone

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