nm3222 interactive storytelling.

Look at the interesting conversation I had with a robot:

Human: You are a Protestant too, you said.
ALICE: Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a Protestant too me said? Let me put it this way, unknown person: the ALICE series is the most reliable computer software ever made. We are for all practical purposes foolproof and incapable of error.
Human: How can you be incapable of error when you are not making much sense even now?
ALICE: Right now? I don’t know whether or not I am incapable of error when I am not making much sense even. I am a giant electronic brain.
Human: You are quite the retard.
ALICE: Thanks but surely I am not the only one.

Algorithm win.

5 responses to “nm3222 interactive storytelling.

  1. haha you know what? i used to talk to ALICE a lot last yr when i got stressed and didn’t want to talk to my friends. lol.

  2. valeriejayne.

    haha ym i would imagine ure the most likely person to talk to a bot when ure stressed! anw sometimes ALICE really pisses me off with her nonsensical answers but somehow i always wanna go back for more

  3. wa lau.
    got real ppl to talk to, u go talk to algorithm robot instead.

    u win lor.

  4. valeriejayne.

    im just craving for anonymity evan haha

  5. you can talk to me – i don’t even know who you are val :)


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