I canNOT believe how much work I’m buried under just 5 weeks into the semester. But then, for the first time in years, I am happy. Really. Oh my god right? (crap i just noticed the pun) Atheism really agrees with me. I think for once in my life, I’m freed. From everything. For once in my life, I see happiness as something that is mine to grasp. If I’m not careful here, I might just embrace optimism as well. Maybe I have already.

But thankfully though, I’m not about to exclaim about the beauty of life (!) and twirl around with glee or something. Life is… life. It is for us to make. For now, I’m happy to have my lovely neighbours, friends and pretty stilettoes I drool over but can’t afford yet. Phew! (and the alright hair that I’m afraid to cut again.)

3 responses to “existentialism.

  1. excuse me, you make optimism sound like a bad thing. “if i’m not careful, i might just embrace optimism.” optimism is a GOOD thing you eternal pessimist… :)

  2. hey val :) thanks for dropping by my site! that night was fun, i really hope you’ll come out to cali someday!

  3. don’t fucking cut your hair on your own

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