bathroom talk*

Jiafen: “Do you know just now Val was pregnant? Then her waterbag burst. That’s why the toilet floor is wet!! Hahaha!” (She delivered that last line triumphantly, as her lame impulse kicked in. And pregnant = I was wearing one of my pregnant tops.)

Me: “Yah and you know why my waterbag burst? Cos Jiafen was my gynae. And Cylysce was my husband.” (We had a prior enactment, hence the conversation.)

Cylysce: “I’m a good husband! But dunno why my wife is crazy. Last time when I married you, you were normal.”

Yean Ching: “Where’s the baby?”

Jiafen: “Oh I threw it away already. Cos it was expired.”

Note that at this point, everyone in the toilet was speechless and had acquired a stunned expression.

Me: “Yes cos it was past the December 31st timing.” (I recovered.)

Jiafen: “Yah that means the baby cannot join the last year’s intake for school and the government somehow didn’t give money. So I threw it away.”

Mingli was speechless for the course of this conversation. As it expired, she plodded into one of the cubicles.

Tell me how I manage to stay sane with neighbors like that. When I graduate, I will have gained not only a mediocre degree in Communications but also a certification that I am highly skilled in the art of sprouting rubbish on command.

*We were having our nightly teeth-brushing session.


2 responses to “bathroom talk*

  1. VAL! i miss you guys and your funny convos! :D help me say hi to the rest (cylysce jf yc) man! wait for me to come back to hall! maybe can stay in level 5 with u hahaha. :D btw, i pierced my nose here!!!! (on impluse.) lols. okays take care!


  2. yes pls!! more articles like tt.. haha.. its depressing enough here.. forever cloudy dark n cold, so dun add to my misery. post more happy stuff.. if really dun have.. just quote all the things jia fen says.

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