my crush.

Jason Wade is only 7 years older than I am. Why didn’t he wait for me?? ):

I am having a hugeass crush on him. His soulful eyes. And why does his voice reach into the deep recesses of my heart and spread its warmth from there until it fills my whole heart and intoxicates my brain? His voice has this half-muffled quality that other people can only recreate with a specialized microphone. He exudes this bad boy charm but at the same time gives off a vibe that he’s decent and sensitive at heart. And I am a puddle of water with guys like that. He has a voice that can make me tear, in the dark of the night. I’d ask him to sing me to sleep.
Yes, I wish I belonged to you, Jason. 


One response to “my crush.

  1. heh, some say he sounds like a duck =P

    Wei Wen

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