one more crazy idea.

Damn. This is scary shit.

But then, how is this viral supposed to promote Doritos? I don’t really see any connection. 
Snacks = scary?
Oh possibly. Incessant snacking causes you to be lethargic and indolent. You fall into this… Forget it. Too much of a stretch. Apparently, I’m still not skilled at smoking. All that deconstructing art in front of school kids at the Singapore Biennale obviously isn’t cross applicable. 
But…it’s giving me ideas. Like Art History. Like Art History and Curatorship post-grad diploma at ANU. Specifically me studying for a post-grad diploma in Art History and Curatorship at ANU one year from now in Canberra. HMM…tempting. Quaint. Completely mad. Exactly my kind of insanity

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