one year.

I think it’s been exactly 1 year since I’ve had this blog and Guy Fawkes Day is around the corner (:

One year ago, I was frantically rushing an NM2101 project on source credibility of political blogs with 3 dead members. Alone, I prevailed. B+, I think. 
One year ago, I developed a fleeting interest in Singapore politics and started this blog as an outlet for my views. It became a personal blog, an outlet for my thoughts and not-so-secret secrets. A memoir of my randomness and fickle ideas for future references.
One year ago, I couldn’t summon enough courage to free myself from a miserable relationship. I was to stay another 5 (6?) months before taking that leap. I like to think I’ve emerged stronger and more self-possessed, albeit after an emotionally unsettling few months. I’ve learnt a lot. Like how people can read me like an open book. Not a poker player, obviously. And bless me, I’m proud I didn’t self-destruct in the process of finding peace. No rebounds. Binge-drinkings were few and far between. Some silliness without any fatal or lasting damages. And the best part? I don’t even need to prove anything now. No spite, no jealousy, no contempt. (Okay maybe a little. Contempt, that is. And occasional disappointment in my bad judgment.) I am not blissfully ignorant of your antics, honey. (Only because there are people who like to watch my reaction.) I’m blissfully apathetic.
One year ago, I was lazy and wasting my life. Today, I am trying to salvage it. Still lazy. But at least I’m misguided no more. Phew!

2 responses to “one year.

  1. hellos to my small and hairest nut 1 brother! hahahaha :)

  2. valeriejayne.

    HAHAHA many you’re damn boliao. you’re the hairy nut OKAY!!! BIG and HAIRY nut 2 hahaha

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