i am having this impulse to vomit words.

but no time.
can’t wait for christmas and christmas balls and christmas lights and santa hats and white, blue, red, green and gold.
i love christmas. it’s the bestest time of the year.

6 responses to “

  1. please think of exams before christmas! haha.

  2. hey val! please dont steal christmas decorations without me!!! hahaha

  3. christmas is filling my head too fast for any mugging to get through!! one more hug when i get back tonight, ching ching! xoxo hahaha

    yes joyce!! i cant waitttt! get back quickly or the xmas balls will be gone!!! ohhh get some back from europe for me!!

  4. ball stealer!!!!

  5. evan! you can’t say it like that!! it sounds wrong!!! hahaha

  6. yar. well it was btr than what 1st came to my mind..

    ‘ooo val’s gonna PICK BALLS off xmas trees again’

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