venus vs. mars.

Val: “Guys are stupid.”

Dick: “If guys are stupid, what do you call a girl who falls for a guy?”
Val: “… A smart girl who made a mistake!”
HAHAHA. Nice save.

4 responses to “venus vs. mars.

  1. ‘smart girl FAIL’ HAHA

  2. Hey Val! Found your blog through your facebook haha.
    btw, that’s a good comeback! (:
    enjoy ur hols!! (:

  3. eighteenpence

    I therefore propose that girls fall for stupid.
    Concluding: girls are stupid for falling for stupid.

  4. you’re audrey my 2208 buddy right? haha you too audrey!! theyre not offering 3211 next sem!! oh god i remember you wanting to take it

    ure a guy, aloy! hahaha and that was my mom u saw at stan chart. ive passed on your compliment to her haha. and she was the one running the half marathon, i didn’t (the irony). hope you had a great run!

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