rip, tumbler

I have this lovely white Starbucks tumbler with snowflake prints around the middle. It’s very pretty and I love it so much. I know it doesn’t look like I treasure it a lot but it felt good just knowing my tumbler was sitting there on my warzone of a desk beside the chic macbook.

Just recently in December, I forgot it beside my place on the carpeted floor of Borders where I was reading Art History for Dummies. We left at closing time. There was this supermarket trolley sitting right smack in the middle of the almost empty carpark taunting us. It was past midnight? After a long discussion and failed attempt to fit the trolley into the boot, we gave up and packed ourselves into XM’s car. Just as I climbed in, I remembered my pretty white tumbler and bolted across the carpark, back into Borders. Thank goodness I got it back.

Before the Christmas of 2007, I caught sight of this beauty while I was studying in Starbucks. It was a difficult period, if memory serves me right. Off-again, I think. Exam period, I know right. I couldn’t pass a Starbucks without molesting one of those tumblers. Then I decided. It would be worth the nagging. But they were flying off the shelves so the day I decided to own one, I had to visit 3 Starbucks outlets before finding one, the last piece.

Last night, before I settled in for the long haul in front of the macbook, I filled that tumbler to its brim with water and set it down somewhere around the edge of my desk, the only spot of table visible. I won’t describe the painful process but…

Last night, just an hour past midnight, I shattered my pretty white tumbler.

I went berserk. I actually cried for my shattered tumbler. And I wonder. Would you rather lose something you love or see it shatter right before your eyes? I have now a broken tumbler in my hands, I can touch it and I can see it, but it’s useless to me now. And it is actually causing me physical pain in the chest.

The tumbler set me back $14.90 a little more than a year ago. But its value is almost priceless now. There isn’t anywhere I can get another white snowflakey Starbucks tumbler and it’s just past Christmas. And I just love the sight of the tumbler. So last night, I cried myself to sleep for a stupid tumbler that I absolutely love. It’s broken and I can’t fix it. It has little snowflakes on it, you know. ):


One response to “rip, tumbler

  1. and i’m really sorry to hear about your tumbler too val! ):

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