Love at first sight favours attractive people. Discuss.

Any hopeless romantic will find the idea of love at first sight irresistible. But isn’t love at first sight purely based on beauty? If you consider that, then it isn’t all that romantic. Damn, I just knew one day I’ll suffer for all the Judith McNaught novels I’ve been feeding myself since the tender age of 12.

They just HAVE to mention that the girl is a beauty. You know in Pocahontas when he was gonna shoot her? He wouldn’t have wavered for a split second if she didn’t have those dark almond eyes, perfect jaw and flawless bronze complexion. In a Disney movie?! No wonder we have kids snubbing other kids who do not conform to ‘acceptable’ standards of beauty. And she is freaking hot! And leggy too! They make Disney heroines too pretty!

Consider Beauty and the Beast. It’s supposed to teach us to look beyond beauty to find true goodness right? Well, why is the Beauty a beauty?! Wouldn’t it have been more powerful if the Beauty in the title is a metaphorical label for her inner goodness? Why isn’t she a frumpy old maid who’s left on the shelf? Sure, she’s an outcast because of her brains and her loyal affection for her peculiar father. But she is a sight for sore eyes!! Even if she were a weird freak who worked snippets from the Britannica into every possible sentence that escaped her pretty lips, there would still be somebody crazy for her! And why is the Beast actually a strikingly handsome man?

Hmpf. Love at first sight is a vain, exclusive and pretentious concept glorified to inflate a cheapened version of ‘love’ that is built on superficiality and self-interest. Unfortunately, knowing that doesn’t stop us from buying it. It doesn’t stop us from falling for it. It doesn’t stop the tears welling up in my eyes when Beauty and the Beast draws to its happy (and utterly unrealistic) conclusion. And it most certainly doesn’t stop me from wishing I have those legs!!











Post was written the day I broke the tumbler but I lost all mood. 


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