1) ah wan on February 11th, 2009 12.17 am   

    We can import ministers from Penang, they can charge us less.

    3) Panache on February 11th, 2009 12.28 am

    Nice. When you are old, sick and no longer useful, you are Malaysia’s problem.

    5) Andrew Loh on February 11th, 2009 12.35 am


    Goodness. Perhaps we could also “put” President Nathan in Johor Baru. What’s the difference having him in S’pore and JB? He does nothing anyway.



And I thought I was bad at verbal communication. See! What’s the point of asking for honors?! Every damn civil service job requires honors whether or not there is a real need. Hire me! I think I know how to shut up when I can’t phrase it better.

Hmm. But then I think we should be kind. The real problem is that sometimes our ministers make one mistake with their words and then lose all footing and make everything worse with their desperate explanations. We’ve all been un-PC from time to time. It’s just that they get immediate nationwide media coverage for their faux pas while we agonize over ours in private.


Clever comments taken from TOC (Nursing homes in Johor Bahru – revisited).


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