I think we’re so afraid of settling because by doing so, we will be forever closing off the prospect of finding true happiness.


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  1. thanks (: somehow i came up with this in a convo

  2. :)
    and it makes you wonder what actually happens when people settle.
    do they stop wishing for more
    or have they in some way
    found it… maybe we dont need everything. Necessary/sufficient clause? lol

  3. they get bitter and problems start surfacing. i’d think they get trapped in this cycle of discontent

  4. :)
    I dont know, I think any form of ‘true’ is false. Any means to get any absolute will be rather contrived. Perhaps happiness lies in the ability to take the moment for what it is. I think love is the same thing. It makes more sense to think of it as an everlasting process.

    I fell in love with Nietzche for that very reason. He’s such a man of the moment.

    Carpe diem?

  5. yes yes!! i fell in love with nihilism for that too! thats why i think religion (with its promise of ‘afterlife’ and heaven) is insurance for the weak minded…(sorry about the blasphemy). but yeah with all due respect, we owe it to ourselves to lead a fulfilling life because after we die, we’re void

  6. Ironically it is the greater leap of faith. :) And its ok, thats exactly what nietzche said. At first i hated the sound of it. then i thought, damn, that makes sense. strangely, he reminded us we will be lonely being ‘strong’

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