love should be blind.

I want to tell you that love is the soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another. But how can I when I don’t even believe in souls?

Assuming I do believe, though, then what is physical appearance in the equation of love? Joyce is committed to her belief that unattractive people are just not privileged to even dream of finding true love. It’s hard to disagree, because there are facts to face.

But what if today we lived our lives blind? What if today, all we had to base our judgment on was how we felt, intuitively, about the person beside us? What if today, we just loved because we loved, ungoverned by constructs of society, beliefs, appearances, trivial ladder theories and such?

Isn’t love complicated enough on its own?

I imagine if there were a God and the Heavens, it would be this way. Never mind the streets made of pure gold. The best thing about Heaven should be that we’re finally free of human biases.


6 responses to “love should be blind.


    Maybe human biases isn’t the issue … maybe it’s our own insecurity about those biases that is the real issue. The bottom line is that it really doesn’t matter if Joyce thinks unattractive people are not worthy of love. That’s just one shallow person’s opinion.

  2. it’s not all shallowness, it’s when realism hits you in the face. she means it (some kind of) cynically, not in a shallow way.

    i don’t disagree that sometimes we screw things up with our own insecurity about the biases, but some people have just been hurt too many times by that. to the point that they can’t feel worthy of love anymore. ?? right?

    who are you by the way?

  3. I spy the words ladder theory. Poor thing, having to edit such drivel for Shaddup, lol. =P

  4. i wouldnt call anything you write drivel, jaden haha. it was entertaining and insightful. i just didn’t like how the guy in the website put it, like all girls are mercenary (what the hell?!)

  5. I dont think the idea of ‘soulmates’ is all lost. I think the very fact that we are symbolic savants and that we can never communicate how we really feel, makes the idea of having someone.. all the more real. Maybe not so much as part of one’s soul. But when its someone as close to one’s self as it is, who can blame the ancients for believing it was the soul that was being touched.

  6. True love is beyond looks. True love is what’s within. Love is blind, true love is not.

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