yet another definition of love.

I’ve got a few half-formed thoughts swimming in my head right now (hmm…complex ones that geniuses have to contend with haha), but I’ll note one down first in case it gets lost along the way.

JoyceH (13th Mar): “I think you know you truly love someone when you can see yourself having their kids (or having kids with them).”


I actually think this might be a sufficiently accurate indicator of love because everyone wants to have a kind of transcendent love with their own children and to see the lingering likeness of someone you don’t love enough in an innocent child you have/want to love deeply is a very sad thing indeed.

I love Joyce’s sudden bursts of clarity. Okay maybe they’re not really sudden in her head, just in her articulation to me.


One response to “yet another definition of love.

  1. :) U will love the post I just wrote today.

    March 16th post.

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