my choice.

Mr Benedict Chen, this is for you. Non password protected! Happy? Haha we gotta catch up soon too.

They say that opposites attract and somehow, there’s always a human need in us to find someone to plug the empty spots in our lives. Opportunists will say: “Always marry up!” I agree with this. But I bet you’re thinking about this in terms of bank accounts, social status and prestige. Nope. There are more important things to pursue in life.

I used to think, in love, we should all find someone who brings out the best in us. This was enough. Until I came across a quote that told me there’s someone who could make us greater than we ever thought possible. And that’s who we should be with.

And it’s amazing when you find that one person who inspires you to goodness you’ve never thought you had the capacity for. Just by being the person they are. When you give your heart to that person, it’s no longer enough to be the best you are. In that moment, you are changed. I don’t know if you still get to keep who you were and I don’t even know if you’ll want to because that exaltation is such an unbelievable experience.

Christians believe, in baptism, you undergo a circumcision. Not a physical one but a spiritual one. When you are baptised, the part of you that is susceptible to sin is cut off forever and you are dead to sin. You are dead to this world, only to be raised with Jesus. And they tell you, you are free, because you no longer answer to sin. From that time on, you have a choice, that split second of clarity to choose human weakness or godly virtue.

When I’m with this person, I choose to be better than I ever dreamt possible. And it sometimes scares the living daylights out of me.


4 responses to “my choice.

  1. very happy for you :D

  2. very nice of you :D

  3. aww haha. reading bible :D
    and by the way, even with baptism, we are all still susceptible to sin. that’s why there is such a thing as Confession to confess your sin. and it’s impt to keep going for Confession because we are human and we do sin “in thought and in deed.”

  4. i think christians dont really believe in confessions though. but yep, impt thing is baptised people get that moment where they decide if they want to disappoint God or please Him. our project….. ): ): ):

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