Today my slightly retarded blockmate found a box containing a lizard outside his room. Being a pessimist with low self-esteem, he immediately jumped to the conclusion that someone must hate him a lot. As if being a pessimist with low self-esteem isn’t bad enough, he has to be the kind who likes to broadcast his misfortunes. And so he went around proclaiming, “I think someone must hate me, I found a box containing a lizard outside my room!”

Guess what my other blockmates had to say? First thing they said!


Seriously. It’s not like I wanted the poor lizard to run into my room.

I feel severely misunderstood.


8 responses to “misunderstood.

  1. HAHAAHA why would people think that you did it??? You don’t seem the lizard-playing kinda person.Hahaha.
    But if you had….damn that would have been awesome!!
    That is a prank I would have totally played on someone . Nice idea. Thanks to whoever did it.

  2. i think my humor failed haha. i was the one who did it, hmm thought the second last sentence was clear? hahaha

  3. ahh it did? damn i missed it.
    paiseh paiseh….lack of sleep, my brain processing power damn slow one….so it was you. HIGH 5!

  4. dun tempt divy leh.. u might find a komodo dragon outside your room soon sia

  5. wtf! hahaha komodo dragon. don’t do this to me div! put outside nic’s room thankew

  6. hey hey wat the hell?!?!?
    how can i ever procure a komodo dragon??
    expect something more accessible la….like frogs, rats, pigeons etc etc…..

  7. Hey mate, while you’re at it, get rid those freaking birds on our roof top!! They’re messing with my sleep!! Rarrr

  8. and their shit splashes into your room right? bua bleach on the rafters.. keeps them away for about 2 months.

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