Watching Casper again reminds me of the first time I watched it at GV Junction 8. It was a weekday afternoon and the only movie I’ve watched with my dad alone. In 1995, when I was…8? Gosh, how I’ve grown.

I remember sobbing at the part when Amelia comes back for James and tells him their daughter is growing beautifully because of him. But she reminds him not to pick up the extension every time a call comes for her, that French fries are not breakfast food and that he shouldn’t ask her to wear a t-shirt under her bathing suit. My dad’s name is James, by the way. (And my mom’s Ann.)

Casper’s boyish voice breaks my heart, especially when he said, “Kat, can I keep you?” Nobody says things like that. It’s too earnest and out there.


3 responses to “casper.

  1. And strangely we all wait hoping and thinking we’ll hear it someday.

  2. haha well you could put a blatant hint for your other half. but then it’s all hollywood fluff anyway, great team of scriptwriters just sitting around thinking of stuff like that to melt their audience. takes the romance out of it now. BUT it’s goodstuff, that line

  3. Theology-Lit-Education Student

    Aw, just admit it…you’re just hot for a young Devon Sawa…he should be benn…oops, I mean, BANNED. Now, whatever could have come over me to have made such a silly typo? Tsk, tsk…

    — Chris

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