why we praise.

I didn’t understand what’s the deal with praising God. If God were so great in His goodness, what with omnibenevolence and all, shouldn’t He be confident enough to not need sycophancy? It’s like, I love my mom, but I wouldn’t feel the need to go up to her and Praise her before I say anything at all. 

I’ve been trying to understand why there’s a need to praise. Dick tells me there’s this whole ‘routine’ to praying. ACTS ..or something? And it includes praising before you actually proceed to prayer proper.

To any Christian who might be wondering, this answer kind of satisfies me. I hope it does for you.

“Whenever I’ve worshiped in times of distress, I’ve seen God move in amazing ways. I think it’s because praising God requires more faith even than prayer. You’re not just saying, “Dear God, I’m really hurting. Help me out here. I need this and this.” Don’t get me wrong, that’s completely valid.

But worship requires obedience … it requires an act of your will. It’s thanking God for things even though they’re not there yet. It’s appreciating Jesus not for what he can do for you, but for being your Savior. And there’s power in that—power to change hearts and power to move mountains.”

Anyway, I’ve always liked worship songs. I just have this burning need to understand and justify for myself anything I do for anyone.

By the way, Darlene Zschech wrote the popular song Shout to the Lord.


4 responses to “why we praise.

  1. The best worship we can give God is when we repent of our sins. This means we love him and trust him with our lives. He loves those who love him and will give them anything they ask. He wants us to ask him for his Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is what puts us into constant worship and praising him. This is when we become sons of God and all out prayers will be answered.

  2. ooo i know this one.

  3. brain washed?

  4. it’s showing your love to God! expressing our love. it’s just like prayer is another form of expression, so is praise.

    although i do not advocate JUMPING and rock bands. SNORT. absolute rubbish.
    i want to smack those jumping idiots!haha.

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