on cooking.

I have a theory about cooking. Freshly developed, mulled over and chewed on (literally) while I was shredding chicken breast this morning for my salad.

Cooking should be messy and personal. In the sense that the chef should be free to mix his saliva into his creation. But obviously not to the extent that he’s slobbering over the food. Personal also in the sense that physical contact with the food should be made as often as possible. Unnecessary use of utensils should be avoided. The chef should not attempt to cook anything he doesn’t like to eat because then he loses his integrity. And a chef with true integrity only serves food to people he genuinely likes, because it contains his saliva…and some other bodily whatever. And any patron should like the chef enough to eat those, if not they ought to find another cook or cook their own food.

It’s obvious I adore Jamie Oliver. And his daughter! By my book, I have the makings of a great chef. As a rule, anything that falls outside the plate belongs in my mouth. I lick my fingers and any utensils I use. If I get too lazy to prepare the food, the plate probably doesn’t need it anyway. So that goes into my mouth, too. The plate/bowl/container needs some love as well. They should always be licked when the food grazes a spot that does not fit within the aesthetics of the desired presentation.

Oh I love cooking :D


3 responses to “on cooking.

  1. my god. you can cook for real?

  2. mmmm….mnope! hahaha but i will eventually!

  3. HAHAHAHA…completely agree with everything written…

    and i love licking utensils too…which my mom despises..lol…

    and you should totally love indian food wat?? there is so much hand and licking and all involved

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