racist moron.

Ok, so this is a bit outdated but in an inspired frenzy to kaypoh about what happened between that annoyingly whiny girl (Flo) and the cute one half of a twin (Drew) she had flirted mercilessly with over the entire season of The Amazing Race (long time ago!), I chanced upon this:


‘Amazing Race’ finale: Did Victor and Tammy have an unfair advantage?

(…) Was it fair for Tammy and Victor to dominate the challenges in China, considering that they are of Chinese descent and speak Chinese? Especially considering one of the challenges was, um, to speak Chinese? (…)


UGH. What is with all these ignorant Americans? (pardon my ‘racism’, I’m venting) PLEASE. I could go on forever but I found one brilliant comment that creatively summarized everything that went through my head:


If Victor and Tammy were white and learned Chinese, would you still be asking this question?


Or you should say that if Victor and Tammy were of (e.g.)Spanish descent and learned Spanish, she wouldn’t be complaining. (which incidentally was the case for many contenders of the show) Whatever. As long as they’re white. This proves that stupid people exist in the world. I don’t care. But they shouldn’t be writing.


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