i need a new friend.

There’s so much money to be earned in this world.

And I would never have known, until now. To be honest, numbers don’t really make any sense to me. Financial figures are just meaningless numbers I register but don’t process. But now that I know this, I just can’t help wondering why I can’t have a share in this. 

Do you know that in his heyday, Bill Gates used to earn US$150 every second? That adds up to US$4, 320, 000 while he did nothing but snored in his fluffy, expensive sheets for 8 hours.

What does US$4 million buy? I can’t even imagine. It’s beyond my comprehension.

And it hit me that if I do not get acquainted with money, I am going to hobble through life working my ass off to pay for mortgage, taxes and living expenses while the money movers sit around and buy frivolities with the money whose value I can’t even begin to conceive of. And while I live in my own little bubble thinking that some quaint low-paying job is all there is to a fulfilling life, people will be getting top dollar for their worth, maybe even more than they’re worth. Sadly, I’ve decided that I do not want to budget and fret over my disappearing cents while the rich throw millions away for brands I can’t even pronounce.

So from now on, I’ve got some networking to do. I’ve gotta call up Business and Finance and eventually get myself introduced to that bigwig Money. God bless my soul.


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