american tv.

You know I’m high when I start telling you random stuff. Wait, no. I do that when I’m sober too.

Do you realize fictitious ‘Valerie’s are mostly evil and bitchy? That’s why they say you shouldn’t read too much into fiction.

The thing about How I Met Your Mother is it actually dishes out some very true stuff about life that you never really think about. It makes me wonder about the irrelevance of intercultural sensitivity. Or maybe Singaporeans are too westernized. Damn American hegemony. Hollywood. Pfft.

Like the episode where Barney’s gay brother came to town and Ted was talking about how the priority of couples in clubs shifts to finding a seat because the sheer activity of them leaving the house is enough exhaustion. Haha it’s true. Not that it’s exhausting actually. But you just can’t be bothered anymore because you won’t be getting lucky with anyone else anyway. Awesome shit.

I love it when someone questions about Barney’s occupation and he goes (hr-hur) Please.

How I Met Your Mother tops my personal TV rating. Along with Malcolm in the Middle and Southpark. Brilliant stuff. I used to watch CSI and Lost and House and Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girls but TV should totally make you laugh. House puts a damper on me with all the medical jargon and there’s a limit to how long someone can get stuck on an island without getting hairy. ESPECIALLY girls. Please. Although Evangeline Lilly is too hot for unnecessary hair. And spoilt teenagers backstabbing one another and sleeping around grates on my nerves after a while, however impressive their wardrobes are.

I’m glad my spelling is solid enough to combat beer goggles. True story.


6 responses to “american tv.

  1. eh i dunno if this classifies as ur first drunk post.

    but yay!!! ur first drunk post.

    and i am high.

    fuck me.

  2. hahahaha divy how do u get so funny. asking the band to fuck off the stage last night was the crowning glory hahaha. (i just added 2 words to inc the awesomeness of this drunk post haha!)

  3. “Wait, no. I do that when I’m sober too.”

    your first line got me thinking of Evanescence’s Call Me When You’re Sober heh.

    Lol i agree with Divy! “fuck off cheena band!”
    (Audrey likes that statement)

  4. i love watching how i met your mother too! totally awesome! :D

  5. oh, and val! try watching big bang theory. HAHA. I dunno whether u’ll like watching geeky guys talk abt science!

  6. eek divy rec me alr…theyre damn loser haha himym is the awesomest

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