this is the Jesus i worship.

“Jesus was a dissident on the fringes of the Empire of his day. He stood with everybody who was nobody. He made a beeline to stand with those on the margins, those whose dignity had been denied, the poor and excluded, the easily despised, the demonized, and those whose burdens were more than they could bear. And they killed him for it.”
-Father Gregory J. Boyle

Jesus was the original reformer, the original activist. He stood against the religious dogma of His time and contested for the rights of the oppressed. He fought for the rights of women at a time when they were considered mere things, vessels to propagate the blood of men. They were not heard and any form of respect for them was considered ludicrous.

I cannot stake my belief in organized religious doctrine, but I believe in Jesus and I believe in His teachings. I believe in the wisdom of this enlightened teacher, far surpassing His own time, who lives, and if it follows, the sanctity of His name and the power of His blood and kingdom.


2 responses to “this is the Jesus i worship.

  1. not forgetting how he turned water into wine. rockkk starrrrrrrrrrr.

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