I don’t write poems but this one is pretty damn good right? HAHA


You and I, let’s make a promise
That one day,
We’ll stay in bed till the sun sets,
Make out on every bench we pass
We’ll laugh at each other
When our teeth fall out
And kiss when everyone else is looking
I’ll hold your hand
And wait for you
When you take 2 minutes to walk 3 steps
You’ll pull me into your arms
And tell me you love me “Don’t be afraid.”
Outside the doctor’s office
We’ll be patient
When the other forgets
One day,
You’ll listen to me
When I stop making any sense
And I’ll fall asleep on your shoulder
We’ll be best friends and share inside jokes
Until we have to miss each other again

Love me; I’ll love you
It’s just luck
Let’s get lucky

2 May, 2009


(I had a good muse.)


2 responses to “lucky.

  1. wow!!

    standing ovation.

    so awesome i felt all squishy inside; like a freshly cooked marshmallow.

    not joking.

  2. but you already don’t make much sense :D poor bf.

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