Last night, I dreamt I was driving around a vintage Mercedes that someone lent me. WITHOUT EVER HAVING TAKEN ONE LESSON. I’m a freaking prodigy. The only glitch was I didn’t know how to park. But then for someone who’s never ever touched a steering wheel in her life, that’s just a minor impairment when you consider the fact that she was driving around a VINTAGE MERCEDES all day. Steady right?

I don’t know where that even came from. I should keep an anthology of my dreams. They’re pretty awesome. They always feature me doing some superhuman thing haha.

On Sunday night, I dreamt I was in some marathon competition, maybe Olympics or something (HAHA!), and my timing was mad! Like 6 or 7 rounds ahead of the second person. I just ran and ran without panting, it’s like my lungs were rubber. That was the heats or pre-race or something. So I was like the hot pick, right, because everyone was sure I was gonna be the champion. Before the actual event, we were handed this prep pack that had towels and drinks and whatever, but the most important thing was the vitamin C. (Ok I think I know where this came from. Cos on Sunday I was promoting for Palmers’ at CozyCot’s Holy Grail Party at Expo and Judy made me chew some vitamin C that she insisted was good for me.) And somehow, out of nowhere, Judy was beside me and told me to eat the vitamin C cos it’s good for me. 

So we were flagged off and as expected I was leading by 6 or 7 rounds but suddenly I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t even walk. It’s like my lungs contracted (you know how when balloons burst, their insides are stuck together like glued) and I was so s-l-o-w that everyone caught up with me and they were like, “what’s wrong? are you ok?” blah blah blah and (this will never happen in real life) but they actually ran with me slowly to offer support! After I crossed the finishing line (first), I was called into some office by the organizers, “congrats” and stuff. But the fact that I didn’t win legitimately bugged and me and I cut them off, claiming that I can’t take the prize, I’m gonna split the prize with the rest of the runners because they could have overtaken me and the only reason I won was that they let me. At this, the organizers flared up and started screaming altogether that I can’t do that because the show’s not supposed to be like that etc.. and then finally one guy shouted, “And we don’t understand how anyone can be so stupid to take the vitamin C that she was not supposed to take anyway!” And that’s when I realized that the actual race was rigged. I wasn’t supposed to take the vitamin C cos it was for the rest to run even slower. When it dawned on me, they swore me to secrecy. Then it got a bit hazy, I think I went to speak with the rest and told them as much as I could without saying what I swore not to say and we split the prize. I think. Then I woke up. Haha.

I think I’ve been fretting over the surreal assignment for NM3223 too much.

Phew! That awesome vintage Merc…


4 responses to “dreams.

  1. hahahah, u actually wrote it down here.
    u must totally love this dream. (:

    which reminds me, i have been continuously dreaming for like 4-5 weeks now that my laptop screen hinge is spoiled and i keep trying to keep it straight and it keeps falling of. :S

  2. HAHA what have you dreaming got to do with keeping your laptop straight cos the hinge is spoilt?? div youre damn cute

    anw! i think i like the vintage merc most! (last night i dreamt of iphone but weirdly mine was like A5 sized…zzz)

  3. what color was your merc? it has to be a classy white! thy look nice only then.

    also i want an A5 size iphone too…. with a screen that big you can do soo much shit….

    oh oh and…your new theme. ROCKS. and your tag line is even better!!
    “for behaving yourself and not hitting your sister”
    HAHAHAHA its cracking me up even tho i have no idea wat it means…

  4. yep yep it is! but of course, being vintage, its not bright shiny white. just the right tone…or maybe dream colour

    yeah but to lug it around..tt was so weird. i like this theme too! minimalist rite. haha google that. “libertarianism is what your mother always taught you. behave yourself and don’t hit your sister.” nice.

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