trust without reservation.

Faith is not belief without proof; it is trust without reservation.

God’s way may not be the easiest. His covenant may be an eternal kingdom but before that, He can promise us nothing other than happiness and constant trouble. If today, I had to be tortured, jeered at, have my back cut open with whips, would I turn from God in order to be set free?

I don’t think I’ve believed without proof but still to hold on to a power that cannot be seen takes more than just that belief, or courage, or even ignorance. That kind of loyalty takes the strongest kind of faith. When we yell for God’s presence to descend and take control, if it doesn’t, how sure can we be of our tenacity? When we reach the darkest of the dark, how sure can we be that light is the nearest at this point?

Faith is so deceptively simple; it is actually the most elusive. How many times, when we pray, can we say with confidence that we trust God’s hand in it? I can’t. I always find my own hands busy tweaking the situation, a half-eye opened to watch over. In the end, I trust myself more than I trust God, no matter what He has done already.

And that is why God’s biggest lesson for us is to surrender. Have faith. Trust, without reservation, in His divine, even when nothing is happening.

Hebrews 11.


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