’tis the season.

It’s snowing again! (: (: (on my blog)

I love Christmas. I usually start waiting for it in about March. It’s such a long wait, but totally worth it. December season always seems a little more magical than the other 11 months. Or maybe because I get a lot more inebriated a lot more often in December haha.

But I don’t think it’ll be so this year.

December 25th will become a little more meaningful from this year on. (Random thought: my pretty snowflakes ): Starbucks tumbler that I broke.) This year has been an amazing one. By far the most self-reflective and maturing year, both spiritually and intellectually. Oh and romantically. (:


6 responses to “’tis the season.

    I ALSO WANT!!!!

    hahahah, no but seriously. how how how how?
    and also the tiny smiley face on the top right corner.

  2. zomg the snow changes direction with your cursor movement LOL

  3. haha the smiley face is on every blog i dunno why, different locations. haha go to extras under appearance, only till 4jan. i love the snow

  4. yea the snow damn cool! i thought it was some html thingy so i was busy trying to decipher the html on the page!

  5. i am awesome! i managed to put the snow thing on my blogger! huhuhuhu!

    see ya on fridayy! :D

  6. it’s snowing for real. in stockholm =)

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