major random thoughts of the day:

1. Chicken comes first. It just makes more sense for a biological thing to happen. Not that the egg isn’t biological per se but how would it suddenly pop out?? I think the chicken evolved from something that’s not a chicken and then, through some stages of reproduction and further evolution, become the chicken we now know.

2. If it’s not meaningful (anymore?), I’m wanting out. But maybe…it’s not so simple.

3. It actually takes a great deal of character to wait out uncertainty. This compulsion to define everything possible thing I can define and make sense of every possible thing I can make sense of is like a spoilt brat demanding instant gratification.

4. I hate being wrong. About certain things anyway.


4 responses to “major random thoughts of the day:

  1. when in doubt, u can check with your god.
    like chicken or egg comes first.

  2. only one of your friends will ask you to do such things, make a guess :D

  3. Egg came first. You require mutation at the DNA level in order for trait mutation to occur. This is most significantly at the point of conception whereby the recombination of DNA from two parents allow for mutation of different traits. These traits then interact with the environment which naturally selects the most-fitted trait. Speciation occurs when over time selected traits between two populations differ so extensively in DNA and anatomy that mating no longer produces a reproductive offspring (i.e Mule)

    Assumption of DNA mutation within ‘life stage’ of an animal that shapes speciation is adhering to Lamarckian evolution which has been shown to be false. Which is the “chicken comes first” argument.

    I’m sorry last week’s meeting didnt work out. :( You get 1 more brownie.

  4. Oh and if you’re free this wed, YOU HAVE MY WHOLE WED. NOT MEETING ANYONE AND NOT GOING TO!!!!!!!!!

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