airhead, who?

Some time ago, a dear friend of mine borrowed my NUS userid and password to access the internet in school when he was preparing for some obscure exam to gain admission for postgraduate studies overseas. I know he thinks I’m clever (; but he loves to be in denial about not being the only genius around. So, on top of invading my privacy by accessing my email, he felt compelled to defend his position. The hilarious product as follows:

Dear Ma’am,

Please be informed that we have received news that you are an Airhead. Due to Department Policy, we are required to inform all your friends and family members of this unfortunate fact. An official letter from the University confirming the fact that you are an Airhead will be sent to your immediate relatives, as well as cousins to the third degree (Please allow two to three working days for this). Please be informed that University Policy requires you to wear a sign around your neck labeled “AIRHEAD” when on University premises, and to ring a bell every 30 seconds to warn all other University students that an Airhead is within 200 metres of them. Failure to comply will result in a hefty fine.

Please direct all irate comments and complaints to this email address.

University policy on newly discovered Airheads also compels us to remind you that drooling and gibberish are disallowed on campus. Thank you.


Head, Airhead Control Force
National University of Singapore

Best part about this email is “Please direct all irate comments and complaints to this email address.” Hmm, I think the fact that I did not spend an indeterminate amount of time corresponding with myself sufficiently invalidates the claims of this email. Quite funny ar. Gotta love his nonsense haha.


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