just an inch.

“When I was young, I really wanted to change the system. You know, I was ready to fight; I was gonna be the best no matter what. Then you give an inch here, you give an inch there, you get…caught up in the game. And then you realize that this system that you were trying to change had changed you. Jonas, I lost my way, somewhere.”

Jamie Foxx “Law Abiding Citizen”

It’s a very sobering truth that none of us will become who we will be overnight. And that’s the scary thing about change. It creeps up on you, little by little, and it preys on our laziness. Because every day, every week, every move we make, we slip by a tiny notch, thinking that it’s inconsequential, telling ourselves that tomorrow we will make up for that bit. But 10 years down the road, we will look back on our lives and cry out “Where have my ideals gone?” Or maybe, we won’t even look back. I figure by age 50, the lot of us will be in denial about who we are anyway.

It reminds me of Valerie from V for Vendetta. Her last inch, that within which, we are free. I wonder, when we breathe our last in this world, who of us can say that we still have that inch.


2 responses to “just an inch.

  1. you know, after i wrote this, i was hoping you’d respond. and you did! haha whenever i think of stuff like that, it leads to you. i think of you as a social rebel! (: (:

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